Friday, April 01, 2016

When the time is right

When the time is right, it will be a good day. A beautiful, bright and sunny day. Neither hot, nor cold. The perfect kind of day you would like to wake up to every morning. Crisp, clean air; chirping of birds; slight cool breeze. Things like that, the small things, that make so much of a difference.

It will come, someday, I know.

There will be a bright day waiting for all of us, I know.

The only problem is the night before that morning. This long, treacherous and frightful night. Full of anxiety and depression. Wading through it is like walking in a river full of mud. Every step is a challenge. Every stride, unsure.

I hope we all get enough courage and strength to see us through this black night. When we can all witness the new dawn and enjoy the beautiful day after it. And we will, someday. Maybe not together, but wherever we will be, I'm sure the same day will come to us all. Maybe at different times, but come it will.

Until then, trudge we must.

Fight we must.

Cry we must.

Live, we must.

Wednesday, September 18, 2013

The myth called Happiness

I'm a Sagittarian. And by that virtue I'm a die-hard optimist. Someone who never stops believing. Believing in what? In little things such as happiness, for example.

Guess what? After years of bouncing and trouncing I've realized that all these are just myths. That is my take from my life.

Most of all, happiness is always short-lived is what I've learned. It comes, like that fleeting gust of wind on a hot summer day, makes you feel oh-so-alive and oh-so-fresh, and then, just like the wind that couldn't care less, it is gone. And you're back to negotiating the sweaty hot summer day all over again. 

If you were an optimist such as I, you'd probably wait for the next gust of wind. The next wave of happiness. But even for an optimist, there are only so many such cycles that can be attempted before you start losing your faith.

Maybe it's just my take on these things that has landed me here - where I am today. Distraught, empty and everything but happy. 

Maybe my karma has finally caught up to me. 

Maybe happiness just wasn't my cup of tea. Ever.